SCOTUS Decision

SCOTUS Decision

People keep asking me, “Delilah, how do you feel about the Supreme court leak? How do you feel about Roe V Wade being overturned?” I am appreciative for the attention to this matter. Especially being a censored candidate and activist. However, I have to laugh because we already lost our reproductive rights here in Texas. We have had one of the most restrictive laws, SB8, currently in effect for several months now. People needing medical care are being forced to leave the state, potentially pay out of pocket for care. People are risking their health and security to have access to necessary medical care. Abortions will not stop due to this law but women dying from lack of safe healthcare will be a reality, again. We will in fact suffer more loss of life and well being within our communities.

Why? Because we are in late stage capitalism and the ruling class is tightening its grip on the poor and working classes out of fear and desire for control.

I love talking to the OBGYN physician’s at work about how people’s religious preferences are a real deterrent to accessing medicine. How, bigots and conservatives don’t care about when a child is born, there is no care for children in this country. Our current governor is the reason why other states feel the time is right to pursue these dangerous laws restricting patient’s rights and privacy. Abbott is worried about re election, so he wants to pander to the “pro life” crowd. What a lot of hypocrites. Where are these tears of outrage for children without health insurance, or the billions of children on this continent who go to sleep hungry? Or the outrage for the parents who can never work enough to fully make ends meet? Not to mention the people detained in cruel and unusually brutal conditions for trying to find safety for themselves and their families. We jail more people than we feed in this state. More people than we house, more people than we provide healthcare for. No concern for actual humans suffering. I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of these people. Or cry, sometimes it is both.

I am glad that the outrage has made it’s way into national headlines. That is helpful but to what end? The Democrats tell you we have to vote for them to protect our rights. Meanwhile, they hold the power and the finance and do nothing to relieve the suffering of the poor and middle class. The Republicans, those old devils who are orchestrating the attacks, are well funded. They have lobbyists, social media influencers, the media and private enterprise on board with restricting humans. But here is the kicker, both of these establishments know they can make money and retain political power without having to do anything they promise. They care little about life and a great deal about control. BOTH SIDES. I cannot stress enough how disgusting this charade is. I cannot express my absolute disdain for the corruption and complacency of our electoral establishments.

What freedom do we have to celebrate here? If people were unaware, allow me elaborate on the reality of the situation. Republicans have been aiming to restrict patient’s rights for a long time. Since before I was even of age, since the inception of the constitution, powerful people have sought to criminalize and control people. Any people they fear. Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, LGBTQUI, women especially and more. If you are part of the working pool, they want to control you. Yes, even those of you who do not work in a traditional sense. You are still contributing labor, you are adding value to our society. You only feel unvalued because these capitalists cannot have you realizing your worth. That is the reality of politics in this country and all over the globe. A truly free and democratic people are a threat. They are more powerful, more organized and more efficient than the ruling class and the ruling class knows it. So now is the time for you to realize that you, dear reader hold the ultimate power in this geopolitical game.

It is we, the workers the caretakers, the ones who add value to everything who are often burdened with the lack of consideration to our communities. We cover the bills, we provide the safety, we educate, we learn, we protect and we carry on. No matter the work or the weight of the task at hand. We are a skillful lot of people, we are told we are lucky to even be thought of. We are being fed lies. This country, this economy would be nothing without us. We do not need to ask nicely to please have our rights restored. No. We must demand it! We must be relentless in our pursuit of liberation. This country was founded on the exploitation and theft of people and we will stop this destructive process once and for all. Not because we owe anyone anything but because we demand it for ourselves. This is our right and our mission. We demand human rights and if our voices go unheard, our actions will speak louder.