Uvalde, TX

My deepest apologies for adding to the barrage of opinions on this tragedy. I don’t know what else to do. I am a parent, myself and a healthcare worker. Every loss of life is a tragedy. The violence is especially vicious. I also happen to be a poor politician running for governor of TX. Ultimately, I’d rather be this way than posturing myself to be something I am not. Or capitalizing off of your tragedy. I have my thoughts about that because I am also a survivor of violence and trauma. I cannot speculate what might solve these problems and I can only guess how I would handle this situation if I were in a position of power. That is the root of the issue in my opinion. We are left powerless while the resources go toward injustice and incompetence. Ultimately the community needs support and compassion at this time. Anyone who has suffered a loss understands that it comes in waves. Everyone should do what they can to be respectful during this time. I cannot separate myself from my role as a mother, I can only hold my children tight and mourn with you.

I do wish to call out the hypocrisy of the United States. I wish for there to be accountability for their continual, funded failures. I am sorry that I am mad at this time. I am cycling through various stages of grief. I will not bring this anger to your community however. I respect that you need time to grieve.

My children and I are with you. We are familiar with tragedy and we hope at some point we can offer some love and support to you and your community.

What has helped us is knowing that your loved ones are not lost. They are with you. You carry them in your heart and memories. Energy does not disappear, it only changes. While you may not be able to hold your babies, don’t forget that love keeps you close even after they depart. I pray that the injured victims recover. I pray that you find some solace soon.